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Monday, 5 August 2013

Review: Beaucoup Bakery & Cafe, Vancouver, BC

Today is BC day, a public holiday that means most Vancouverites get a three day weekend.

But not for me!

I started my work on Friday and worked all weekend, with today being my first day off, and it felt like a well earned one I must say. This mornings lie in was heavenly! And then for breakfast Ian organised a trip out, as he'd heard great things about a bakery just south of Downtown, so we made it a thing for us to do.

We decided to walk as Google maps told us it would only take 30 minutes, and so far we haven't attempted walking across Granville bridge, due to my slight reservations about it. It's an intimidating looking bridge! But when you actually get on it, it feels really safe, and the distance is really reasonable, it turned out to be a short walk to the other side and the views of Granville Island and the harbour are beautiful.

We found our way to the bakery pretty easily, its nestled on Fir Street, about a 2 minute walk away from Granville, so really easy and a very doable distance for us from home. We wandered up to the cafe to find all the tables outside where filled, and once through the door we found the place was packed! It's a reasonable size shop, however the queue at the counter was impressive. We'd read that it gets busy, the place is so popular they regular run out of stock early in the day, so if you decide to check it out I'd suggest going in the morning. The business is young at only 8 months old, but apparently they are doing really well and continually growing and gaining customers, and I can see why. I did manage to grab a seat while Ian ordered and paid.

This is what we choose:

On the left, my plate with a Salted Caramel Eclair and a Peanut Butter Sandwich Cookie, and Ian's on the right, with 2 Cheese Scones.

First of all the Cheese Scones. These were incredible, and an item that was suggested as a must have! We got 2, as they were the last 2 in the basket and wanted to snap them up before anyone else did! They were delicious, with just the right amount of cheesey flavour, and a light texture which avoided the stodginess you sometimes get with scones. Simply divine! I had a taste but left the majority to Ian. Him being more of a savoury man means I got the sweets instead :D

The first item I tasted was the Salted Caramel Eclair. I don't even know where to begin with this. The pastry was light and crisp, and the Eclair was filled with cream and the caramel topping was crunchy, giving it a varied texture. The cream and topping hit my sweet tooth to the max, and the caramel flavour was exquisite. The salt on the top rounded the flavours off beautifully, I could have wolfed down another one immediately!

Secondly the Peanut Butter Sandwich Cookie, which was again, amazing. The cookie components where so beautifully soft, that when you bit into it, it almost melted in your mouth, while the rest of cookie still held together in your hand (just!). The crumbles of peanut butter and sugar granules added variety, the filling was smooth and sweet, and just the right amount to moisten up the cookie but not overpower it. The peanut butter flavour that came through was extraordinary, but without the sticking in your mouth sensation you can sometimes get with peanut butter, and it also provided a slightly salty taste to compensate for the sweetness. Such a lovely combination, I wish I could have eaten all of it! But alas, both the eclair and cookie together where quite filling, even for me, so I had to share, though I'm pretty sure I could have polished one of these off if I'd only had one item.

To end, we wrapped up our visit with an espresso for Ian and a cappuccino for myself. Both delicious and very well made (also quite speedily!) We would buy again.

Having read reviews and recommendations for this place, it really didn't disappoint, and we left with massive grins on our faces and a croissant to take home for later! (Which we later sampled and Ian said, and I quote 'Was the best croissant he'd ever had.')

All round, an amazing bakery, and we will definitely be returning to try other goodies out soon. I'm already eying up the menu!

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