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Monday, 10 June 2013

Week 3

I haven't done a 'what we've been upto' post for awhile so here's a quick rundown on last week, our third week here in Vancouver! (I can't believe that on Thursday we'll have been here a whole month!

So last weekend was the big move to Downtown, and now we've been here awhile I can safely say we love it. We're going to save so much on transport for a start, busing it back to Shaughnessy everyday was beginning to cost and arm and a leg, and now we're right were we want to be. Ian started work on Monday, and its about a 15 minute walk for him, so that's easy, and it's easy for me to get everywhere I need to in my job hunting quest. The view we have will never get old, and I still love our cosy little room!

Still loving our view - Granville street looks amazing at night!
 I love that because we share an apartment we don't have to worry about things like buying furniture or decorations or cutlery etc. We just use what's already here and have our own little space. It's perfect for us!

So Monday was back to job-hunting for me, but I discovered that there is a beach about a 15 minute walk away from our apartment... much time was/will be lost reading there! Since its discovery Ian and I have gone for a few evening strolls there, there's something incredible relaxing about wandering down a quiet beach (on weekdays its heavenly empty!)

Sunset Beach, Vancouver, BC.

Tuesday morning I stayed in and listened to a friend on the radio back in the UK over the Internet, and then popped out for coffee with a fellow Brit IECer, and finally got to try a Tim Hortons - delicious I must say! (More on that later, I have a food/drink orientated post in the pipeline!

The rest of the week passed quite quickly, one day I popped out of Downtown with the lovely lady I had coffee with earlier in the week. We visited Metropolis shopping mall at Metrotown and it was ridiculously huge! I've never seen anything like it to be honest, it has everything you could possibly want. I bought writing utensils and stationary, as I intend to write letters home to people soon!

This weekend was...interesting, things didn't quite go to plan. We were going to visit Granville Island Brewery and do the tour (we got a cool 2 for 1 deal) however a mishap occurred on Friday! While cooking dinner a glass bottle of olive oil fell and smashed on the kitchen floor and poor Ian cut his foot open. So instead we took it easy round the apartment, and I kept dashing out for crappy food and snacks. Hello Subway and 711! Yesterday we took a short stroll on the beach and then decided we would take a small trip to Granville Island for dinner. We took the bus and found a place to eat (an Oyster and Fish bar, again wait for the food post for a proper verdict!) Slowly over the evening I began developing shin pain, I had shin splints about 2 years ago so after eating we hastily came home and I propped my leg up with pillows and iced it regularly. This morning I'm feeling much better, I'm going to attempt a short walk and see how it goes!

Anyway, as long as my leg stays pain free, back to job hunting for me!

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