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Sunday, 2 June 2013

Moving to Downtown Vancouver.

The last few days have again been hectic, but everything is progressing perfectly!

Thursday was a day of job hunting for me, and a day of dragging poor Ian around all day and boring him senseless. But I got my Resume out there, and it's all a good step in the right direction. At the end of the day we were both too tired to go back and cook, so we indulged in what is quickly becoming our favorite haunt, The Templeton on Granville Street - the chicken burgers there are A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.

Yesterday we had the most incredible day. We hotfooted it to Oakridge and bought naughty snacks, then got a Jugo Juice drink each for breakfast. The most delicious and filling protein shake I and I think Ian might agree, we, have ever had. This was all planned to give us energy for our long awaited trip to the beautiful Stanley Park. The weather was scheduled to be great that day, so we'd waited to go and see it in all its glory and we really weren't disappointed. We walked half way around the sea wall, taking millions of photos as we went. Ian gallantly climbed down onto a section of the beach to get me shells (which I kept, I think I have a slight hoarding tendency.) We got half way round and started to tire (its a long old walk!) and I also wanted to get into the middle to experience the full effect of the trees. So we went down one of the trails, past the stunningly photogenic Beaver Lake, then across to the other side. We we're walking for a good 6 hours minimum, and with not great shoes either, so by the end we were absolutely exhausted. As this is our last weekend of non working and being together we went out for a meal at the Flying Pig restaurant in Gastown. I highly recommend!

Then we crashed in anticipation of an early morning today...

It's surprising...the amount of 'stuff' you can accumulate over a short period of time is really quite something. Today we moved into our new place in Downtown Vancouver, on Howe/Davie Street. We checked it out a few weeks ago after we found it on Craigslist, but now we've got a real feel for the place, and love it.

And now we're here, tucked up in bed with the blinds wide open and I can't stop looking outside!

Can you blame me, with views like this... (and to be quite honest this doesn't do it justice)

Anyway. We're settling in. We share an apartment with a Japanese couple who seem friendly and a Canadian guy who seems to keep to himself. We're in a great location, rent is comparably cheap for the area and I'm just really chuffed at the moment. The agenda tomorrow is to relax and take it easy I think, then Ian starts work on Monday, and I'll plow on with the job hunt!

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