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Sunday, 8 December 2013

Getting Christmassy!

December is flying by now and we're gearing up for our first Christmas together, as well as our first Christmas' away from our respective families.

I feel very organised for a change, I'm normally running around the week before crimbo but I've managed to get myself pretty sorted this year.

I think the fact that at work Christmas has exploded all over the store made me get my arse in gear to be honest! So December 1st I ran around town looking for christmas decorations, and managed to score myself a mini tree, decorations, lights and the obligatory chocolate tree decorations, then I ran home and threw them up enthusiastically and topped it off with our little flags we have left over from Canada Day back in July.

Our tree looks like this!

At the beginning of the month we were also excited to discover that filming for 'The Interview' movie was taking place just down the road, so we managed to get a glimpse of the set and James Franco in action! They'd put up a weird statue and had extras walking round in what looked like Korean Military costumes, and as you can see, loads of green screens around. We didnt get a chance to see Seth Rogen,but it was still pretty cool to see!

The set of 'The Interview'

And then work has been a bit hectic for us, with our schedules never quite matching up, Ian and I haven't had many chances to have days out together, so I dont have much interesting news to share.

As far as work goes, this is what the store looks like at the moment, stock everywhere!

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory!

Christmas themed caramel apples!  
Candy Cane stir sticks ( I helped make these at Head Office last month!)

Showcase and Christmas stuffs!
The 3 foot Santa with creepy eyes... thats 25lbs of creepy chocolate right there!

Winter boots!
So yeah, Christmas is on my mind a lot. I recently sent out all my cards to friends and family in the UK ( I hope you get them soon guys!) And all I have to do now really is finish off a little shopping and plan Christmas dinner!

Yesterday we made an attempt at visiting the German Christmas Market but it was so bloody cold, we opted to go for a coffee and a reading session at our favorite coffee shop instead and then a TV day in bed, so that's something for us to do in the near future, I'll try and take loads of pics and report back!

I have lots to look forward to soon, with Christmas round the corner and my Dad's visit shortly after that (3 weeks today!!) and then we are looking into some travel further afield in the not too distant future so things are looking good!

To conclude, I have also added in a picture of my amazing winter boots, which I mentioned in my last post, and was requested a picture! I still love them, they keep me warm and dry and are crazily comfortable.


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