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Sunday, 9 March 2014

Christmas and my Dad!

Hey guys!

I've had a busy few months since I last wrote in early December, so the next few posts will cover what we've been up to!

December was amazing, it was busy at work with all the Christmas products going on, but an enjoyable time to work in a chocolate shop, chocolate seems to bring out the joy in most people. (Not everyone, it definitely still has some of the pitfalls of retail.) But it was a fun time.

In late December Ian and I managed to grab an evening together and we shot down to the Vancouver Christmas Market, which we loved. When we arrived there was a HUUUGE queue to get in, so we debated whether to wait in the line or just not bother, but we opted to wait and the line moved pretty quickly, so if you're considering going next year, don't let long queues be a deterrent, it's amazing! On first glance its like being in a winter wonderland, it was very pretty inside, and the German theme definitely got us missing Europe. Once you get in you have to get a wristband if you want to drink, but at the time I was on medication so couldn't, so Ian got one, and we swiftly made our way to get him some Mulled Wine and and I had non-alcoholic apple cider. Mine was delicious, and started my new found love affair with hot apple cider, which you can get in most coffee shops round here in the winter...so yummy! You also get to keep the mug you drink from (we accidentally smashed one at a later date, so now we only have one *sadface*.) We wandered around the stalls, lots of food places that smelt incredible, a lovely candle shop, and a really cool place that sold organic and fair trade products. It was a great night out, and would highly recommend it for anyone next year! It made everything feel mega christmassy!

Christmas Market!

Also, we had our first dusting of snow. I LOVE snow and was incredibly excited!

Christmas rolled around, I worked Xmas Eve and Ian worked Boxing Day so we only had the one day together, but it was lovely. We had a quiet one, exchanged gifts, Skyped our respective families, breakfasted on a holiday ham and bread, and made a traditional christmas dinner together, then drank into the evening. It was odd to have a Christmas without any family at all, I'll admit I got a bit teary skyping home and seeing everyone having our normal Christmas at our house. I got a bit homesick, but it was lovely to chat to everyone, and see my niece and nephew.

Boxing Day was nuts, I had a small wander around Downtown, and the sales were incredible, people all over the place, running around with huge bags of purchases. I've never seen so many people out and about all at the same time, the pavements were just full! I wish I'd taken a picture to demonstrate how busy it was. I only lasted an hour and headed for home, it was too hectic for me!

Following Christmas I had a few days back at work, which were steady with our post Christmas sales (after a holiday our seasonal products got to 50% off!)  and then on the 29th I had the happy task of picking my Dad up from the airport, as he had come for a 3 week visit!

I was so excited to see him, so I got up early and started tracking his plane across the Atlantic and Canada on the internet. About an hour before he was supposed to land we headed off to the airport, and got there quite early.

I made him a sign so we couldn't miss him... but somehow at arrivals he managed to creep around and sneak up behind us. I still can't figure out how we missed him! But anyway, he was safely collected and we scuttled off to the Skytrain to bring him back to his hotel, which was literally one block away from our apartment.

Next post coming soon! Vancouver with my Dad!

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