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Thursday, 16 May 2013

Arrival in Vancouver!

Eeeeek, we finally made it here!

After a hectically long journey (and not forgetting the months of waiting around for visas and planning) we have touched down in Vancouver!

It began yesterday at London Heathrow, I got up at 5am and bundled my Dad and 2 brothers into the car and set off! We decided to leave early, my older brother stayed with us the night before so that we could leave in the early hours and avoid the rush hour traffic then have breakfast together at the airport, we made good time and had a great last meal together!

Our 12 hour flight to LAX went without a hitch, although, I did have a small wobbly when I suddenly realised that we landed at Terminal 2 and our connection went from Terminal 6, and had no idea how long it would take to get between the two. But our first flight was right on time (hats off to Virgin Atlantic, your a pretty awesome airline actually, so much free food it's ridiculous!) and we dashed through US Customs, grabbed our bags then re-dropped them off and found that the Terminal is actually only a small bus ride away. Instant relaxation! We checked in easily and had a wait on our hands, steadily getting more and more tired as time passed.

Eventually we hopped on our LA - Vancouver flight, sat down and I fell asleep before we'd moved anywhere. Take off woke me up briefly, but I basically don't remember much about that one! We landed at 11:30pm so the airport was quiet, customs was easy, though it took us a little while to find the right place to go, but immigration was easy and quick, the guy disappeared with our passports and LOI's and came back a few minutes later with our freshly printed visas!

Day 1!
A quick taxi ride to Travelodge and we crashed, 28 hours on the go really takes it out of you! This morning, after the most amazing night's sleep, we woke up to our first real sighting of Vancouver. (Last night was pretty but honestly I was too tired to notice anything.

So this morning we took a shuttle back to the airport, then got on the Skytrain to Oakridge Station, the closest one to our accommodation. With time to kill we wandered a little, grabbed something to munch on, then headed to Granville Street, and our first attempt at their bus system! We eventually made it, albeit with a slight mishap in that we didn't get off soon enough, and had to walk back a few blocks. But here we are! We met our AirBnB host for the next few weeks, chilled out a little, researched where we need to go tomorrow, and met a lovely couple from the Philippines who we are sharing an apartment with. And everyone here is so darn friendly, it's actually incredible!

Vancouver, I love you already! 

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