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Tuesday, 7 May 2013

The Final Countdown!


Hows it all going you ask?

Busy. So very, very busy!

I'm not going to lie, attempting to leave the country with 3 weeks notice is pretty damn fun, but my God there's so much to do. It's a good thing I'm a list person because quite frankly without my lists scattered everywhere I would lose my head.

Since last we met, we've booked accommodation for the first couple of weeks, we picked a place in the  Shaughnessy neighbourhood, about a 15-20 minute bus ride from downtown, as the host sounded very helpful, and she let us use her address to set ourselves up, so day one will probably be lots of form filling, for banks, SIN's, phones and ID cards!

Our AirBnB accommodation takes us up till June 1st, so we now have to find somewhere to properly live from then onwards. I'm currently checking various sites on a daily basis and beginning to make enquiries into places we like the look of, now we have a general idea of where we'd like to go. We're hoping to set up viewings between now and when we leave so we can find somewhere quite quickly, and then can relax the second week, so fingers crossed for that!

My beautiful family :D
The last week or so has been more about goodbyes than anything, we spent a few evenings in the pub with friends last week, then I had a family day over the weekend and popped down to see the
boyfriends family where we made the most of the beautiful weather which has erupted recently. Then I've got work this week (3 days left, hurrah!) I'm currently organising a night out for this weekend, which should be a good'un, another family day, a trip to see an old friend and her newborn and then I have left myself just one day to do my packing!

I'm also starting to think about jobs and getting my resume sorted and Canada ready, got to get my Canadian Dollars, print all my documents, sort out my proof of funds statement to show at immigration, sort out my phone contract and a few other bits and pieces!

So it's busy little bee mode at the moment, but I am loving it.

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