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Monday, 27 May 2013

10 Days in Vancouver!

So we've been here a grand total of 10 days, and I already feel like this city is kinda home. So much has happened, we've been darting around the city in all directions, and everything is just so easy!

Here's the highlights of our last week or so in Vancouver! Early last week we took a chilled few days to relax a bit after our hectic first few days and weekend, we did barely anything, transferring our UK money over to our new Canadian accounts was about the most energetic thing we did. Tuesday was spent at the cinema to see the new Star Trek film (great film by the way) and then we spent an evening in the Lamplighter pub in Gastown. We were invited by the lovely Natalie and Nick of ourcanadianadventure to join them and a whole bunch of fellow Brits and IECers for a quiz night. We also came 2nd in the quiz, which apparently is the teams best score to date.

Around Wednesday we decided to crack on with the job hunting, so we tracked down one of the many branches of Vancouver Public Library, our first stop was the Oakridge branch, but later we also discovered the Downtown one, and it's immensely HUGE! I was in heaven :D So we spent a few days wandering the city and handing out our resumes. In Coal Harbour I found some luck, I enquired into a chocolate shop, and they asked me to pop back in on Monday for a chat with the manager... more on that later!

Friday we took a tourist day, and revisited Coal Harbour, and made our first foray onto Granville Island. We loved this area, and will definitely be going back. Tonnes of little goslings running around the area, and very protective parents.
Rather cute goslings running around.

Granvile Island with Downtown in the background.

Saturday we needed to do a food shop...a job I loathe to hell and back, so Ian and I have struck up a deal. He does the weekly food shop thing, I do the laundry, which he hates! It's a fair swap, one I'm ridiculously chuffed about, no more trudging round supermarkets! Woohoo! So while Ian happily went round Safeway, I spent the time wandering the mall, and splashed out on myself. It also means I eat really well, Ian has us on a $5 a day each budget so I'm eating so low cal, I'm losing weight like a mad woman, and loving how lean I feel. That night we'd been invited out to Chinatown with some of the people we met earlier in the week, and discovered Chinatown is actually really cool. In our first few days in Vancouver we made the mistake of going done East Hastings and on finding it to be rough as hell had avoided that whole area like the plague. But Chinatown is actually pretty awesome looking, and I'm keen to go back and visit the night market which runs till September, and the Jimi Hendrix shrine, which was developed at his grandmother's house where he stayed during the summer and apparently learnt to play the guitar!

Today I had my meeting with the chocolate shop, and Ian had an interview with the coffee company Blenz. I didn't have much luck, the guy wanted me to do a load of research and come up with recipe ideas for a high tea concept he wanted me to bring into the shop, which really isn't my forte to start with, and then asked me to do a whole load of research then come back to meet with someone else to discuss my ideas. I just want a job dude. Ian had more luck! We met up a few hours later and he has a full-time job at Blenz, starting Sunday/Monday!

Exciting stuff! Lots of things to be doing, I have another interview tomorrow, and we're hitting up a gallery, which I'm excited for! Still loving Vancouver, even today's constant downpour hasn't dampened my spirits. Oh yes, despite the photos, we have discovered the rain here too. We definitely need to buy an umbrella...

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